War Is Hell #8 [1974]

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This issue has a reprint of SGT. FURY #18 [1965], including the Kirby/Stone cover with Fury in action surrounded by headshots of the other characters. Not sure exactly how it came about, but Kirby also pencilled (uncredited) the first and last page of the story “Killed in Action”, with the last page having an emotional scene of Fury finding out, after he spends the issue planning to propose to her, that his girlfriend Pamela Hawley died during an air raid.


They’re both really good pages, but looking at the rest of the book I’d have to say that Ayers and Stone had the look that Kirby had established for the book in his issues down cold, so I’m not sure why Kirby would be brought in for two pages. Has the story behind that ever come out? Were these pages done as substitutes for pages already drawn, maybe with the decision to kill the character coming later?

Published 1974

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  1. Nick Caputo

    According to Dick Ayers he definitely recalled drawing the last page, but Stan wanted it to be more dramatic and called in Kirby to do the honors. This was probably the same case with the splash. Stan appears to have left in the head shots by Ayers of the Howlers on the splash page.


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