Devil Dinosaur #6 [1978] – Eev


Kirby continues to improve on the Bible’s Garden of Eden story by exploring how the real story that inspired it had giant ants, space aliens and a giant red Dinosaur named Devil all in the Valley of Flame. This time around Devil continues to fight the ants with the allies he made in his quest to free Moon-Boy from the aliens.


The swarm of ants overwhelms the aliens just as their analysis of Moon-Boy indicates that he carries the “seeds of potential greatness”, and his kind has to be eliminated as a threat to the alien domination of the world. Moon-Boy is able to escape in the confusion, but ends the issue still far from his giant brother, while the others encounter the alien computer, which has planted itself as the “Demon Tree”.

Mike Royer inks the 17-page story and Joe Sinnott inks the cover.

Published 1978

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