Fantastic Four #54 [1966] – Whosoever Finds the Evil Eye


This issue opens up with one of the great FF scenes, the team unwinding by playing baseball in Wakanda after their recent adventure with the Black Panther and Wyatt Wingfoot. Meanwhile we also catch up with the Inhumans, still trapped behind the barrier created by Maximus, where Black Bolt tries various ways to free them, perhaps at the cost of his own life.

As the FF prepare to depart from Wakanda, Johnny decides to go try to free Crystal and the Inhumans, with Wyatt joining him in a Gyro-Cruiser lent to them by the Panther.

On their way the boys get caught in a sandstorm and find an elaborate underground crypt…


That’s a great looking sculpture guarding the door. Anyway, inside they find a 700 year old knight from the court of King Richard, Prester John, who relates some of the lands he saw in his wanderings, ending with the city of Avalon, which was destroyed for some unexplained reason, leaving him in the Chair of Survival where Johnny found him, with the Evil Eye device possessing amazing powers. Johnny, always the jerk, decides the Evil Eye is his key to freeing Crystal, so he steals it with no explanation, not realizing it’s still powered and set to explode. Wyatt and Prester John pursue, knocking the device out of the Torch’s hand just before it explodes like an A-Bomb.

It’s a bit of a filler issue (doesn’t look like Prester John even shows up again for another decade), and Johnny’s behaviour is even worse than normal, but otherwise a lot of fun, especially the backgrounds on thinks like Wakanda, Avalon and Prester John’s travels.

Joe Sinnott inks the cover and 20-page story.

Published 1966

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