Thor #172 [1970] – The Immortal and the Mind-Slave


Marvel was in the middle of Marvel’s “single issue stories” experiment, which wasn’t really playing to the strength of the whole Marvel way of doing things. Thor returns as Don Blake to his office, where he’s met by Jim North, Jane Foster’s new boss, who brings news that Jane has been kidnapped by Kronin Krask, who wants North to perform a forbidden operation for him. North has come to see if Don Blake can contact Thor to help.

Meanwhile, Odin takes a look around at where everyone is, using his Enchanti-Scan. The odd mix of mythical and high-tech in Asgard always confuses me…


It turns out that Krask wants North to perform a mind-transplant, and the body he wants for his mind is Thor, who he knew North would contact. Thor is captured and the mind-exchange is attempted, which leads to a battle of the embodied egos of Thor and Krask, which Thor wins, killing Krask in the process.

Not the greatest story (although with a few ideas that came together a bit better in some Fourth World stories). Bill Everett inks the 20-page story and cover, and that looks really nice.

Published 1970

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