Upcoming Kirby – COLLECTOR #48


Coming up in the Spring of 2007 from TwoMorrows, after a slight delay, the next issue of the KIRBY COLLECTOR. Nice cover by Kirby and Austin, there. Also note at that link above that TwoMorrows has a sale on their in-stock items, which includes much of the best Kirby material published in the last decade, for the next few days.


We get technical in this issue, spotlighting “Kirbytech”—Jack’s knack for creating high-tech gizmos, gadgets, and concepts, from Iron Man’s armor and Machine Man, to the Negative Zone and beyond! Included is a rare KIRBY interview, Mark EVANIER’s regular column, two pencil art galleries, a complete 1950s story, interviews with Godland’s Tom SCIOLI and Dark Horse publisher Mike RICHARDSON, the 2006 Kirby Tribute Panel (with Neal ADAMS, George PÉREZ, John ROMITA SR., Mike ROYER, and Kirby lawyer Paul LEVINE), Kirby covers inked by Terry AUSTIN and Tom SCIOLI, and more! Edited by John MORROW.

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