New Kirby – Maybe…


Can anyone confirm what ESSENTIAL DEFENDERS v2 reprints from GIANT SIZE DEFENDERS #1? That issue originally had a new framing sequence around three reprints (one by Kirby, one by Ditko, one by Everett), plus a separate Kirby reprint of a Silver Surfer story. Does this new book have just the new pages (so no Kirby), just the reprints that tie-in to the framing sequence (so one Kirby reprint) or all the contents of the GIANT SIZE (so two Kirby reprints).

UPDATE: confirmation in the comments that it has the first reprint, the Hulk story, but not the Surfer reprint. Look for the 2006 Kirby release overview post soon.

3 thoughts on “New Kirby – Maybe…

  1. johnny

    Hi, Bob – Amazon is backordered on this and tells me I should receive mine early next week. If no one responds before then, I’ll give you the scoop.


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