Warfront #34 [1958] – Cover


There’s some disagreement over whether Kirby had a hand in this particular Harvey Comics cover. I tend to go in favour, but not strongly, mostly based on the face of the main figure pointed towards us. That seems to have enough Kirby touches, but the overall piece doesn’t have anything definitive, which could just be the inking. Whoever was involved, it’s a really strong cover, with some nice bold colouring.


Published 1958

One thought on “Warfront #34 [1958] – Cover

  1. Luke Blanchard

    To me it looks full of Kirbyisms – the figure on the ground, the pointing figure shouting towards the camera, the way he’s holding the gun at an angle to his hand, the collapsing gantry with the tether flying loose. And didn’t Kirby do rockets like that in some of his monster comics?


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