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Panels – A great new comic mag


Finishing up KIRBY: KING OF THE COMICS got me in the mood to re-read FANTASTIC FOUR from the beginning until I get tired of it. The first few issues are uneven but with some interesting bits, some on their own merits, some only obvious in retrospect. #5 is where it really comes together, and this particular panel always cracks me up.


from Essential Fantastic Four #1 [1998]
reprinting Fantastic Four #5 [1962]

Panels – Alien toys


Always good to see what kind of tech Kirby would stick in as props to add some flavour to scenes, like this look at some of the toys of the alien kid who had captured the Challs. That big one up front looks like a prototype of a Dalek…


from Showcase Presents Challengers of the Unknown #1 [2006]
reprinting Challengers of the Unknown #1 [1958]

Panels – Ain’t the faintin’ type


Cap and Fury, coming this close to exchanging tips on how to keep that youthful appearance, before getting back to their usual gruff all-business attitudes.


from Marvel Double Feature #2 [1974]
reprinting Tales of Suspense #78 [1966]

Panels – You can’t kill Bucky!


Sure, like you’d be in any better mood thawing out after 20 years thinking your sidekick is still in danger.


from Avengers Classic #4 [2007]
reprinting The Avengers #4 [1964]

Panels – All the details


That Orin sure does seem oblivious to the feelings of his future wife towards his mother. Well, what do you expect in a story called “Mama’s Boy”.


from Real Love [1988]
(reprinting Young Romance #10[v2n4] [1949])

Panels – Crackles with cosmic energy


Ah, Kirby machinery in the form of the “Stimulus Hat”, complete with Kirby’s iconoclastic use of quotation marks, generating dots of energy, doesn’t get any better than that.


from Jack Kirby’s Forever People [1999]
(reprinting The Forever People #8 [1972])

Panels – Holy Cow!!


A great little image from a cinematic sequence in “Titan, the Amphibian from Atlantis”, with the rather unusual instance of Russ Heath inking over Kirby.


from Monster Masterworks [1989]
(reprinting Tales of Suspense #28 [1962])

Panels – You thick-skinned meathead


That Fury sure knew how to inspire the troops, didn’t he?


from Marvel Masterworks: Sgt. Fury #1 [2006]
(reprinting Sgt. Fury #5 [1964])

I finally figured that no black and white ESSENTIAL of the series is imminent, so I picked up this version. A few of the stories are new to me, and a lot of fun. I also like the George Roussos more than I do his FF issues, although still prefer Ayers on both.