Upcoming Kirby – SANDMAN BY S&K


A big collection of the S&K Sandman (1940s and 1970s) is officially on the schedule. I’m seeing conflicting reports on whether this is softcover or hardcover, if anyone can get confirmation I’d appreciate it. Either way, some good stuff, a lot of it never before reprinted.

Written by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby
Art and cover by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby

At last, the classic 1940s Super Hero series by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby is collected from the pages of WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #6-7, ADVENTURE COMICS #72-97, #100-102 (1942-1946) and SANDMAN #1, the comic that reunited Simon & Kirby in 1974!

In the capable hands of Simon and Kirby, the Sandman left behind his trademark green suit, fedora and gas mask to become a brightly costumed adventurer on the trail of crime in the big city with the help of his sidekick, Sandy the Golden Boy. With a strong element of the fantastic in the form of haunted dreams and foes claiming to be figures of myth, these stories were perfect examples of the fast-paced, slam-bang adventures that made Simon & Kirby the most celebrated comics talents of the 1940s.

on sale August 12 • 304 pg, FC, $39.99 US

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