Day 28: The Incredible Jimmy!

Here, finally, is the reveal of just who is under that hood! A giant green clone of Jimmy Olsen, hellbent on crushing the life out of J.O.’s best pal, attacking Supes with “almost galactic force”! Bred by The Evil Factory, its “prize giant” has a singular mission to destroy the Man of Steel, who is “The one ally of Earth,” Simyan explains, “who could successfully defend them against us.”

I am led to believe that Jack did have some big plans for Superman in his Fourth World mythos (later recognized by stalwart creators including John Byrne and Bruce Timm, in comics and animation respectively, who both integrated elements of the Apokolips-New Genesis War into their own Superman projects), and the more you think about the melding of the two — Superman and Super-War — the more apropos the connection. I’ll wax on when we discuss Supes’ guest-star turn in The Forever People #1, but just gotta say, man, what coulda been!

It’s a delightful twist to have another freakish version of Jimmy tramping through the pages of his comic book, one that harks back to the wonky Weisinger-edited tales of Jimmy as a werewolf, or giant turtle man, or super-fat man, stories that were actually a lot of fun, if rankly juvenile. For the life of me, I can’t imagine Jack sitting down and reading the JO run before commencing on the title, but still, it’s a nice echo, whether intended or not.

It’s interesting, too, that the creature has a certain resemblance to another giant green behemoth prone to rage, one The King co-created at the competition nine or so years earlier, though where’s Green Jimmy’s purple pants? Watch out, kids, OLSEN SMASH!

The synthetic Kryptonite has helped the monster to smackdown Superman, and the creature is determined to destroy the entire Project…

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  1. Mike Hill

    Jack had to do a Freakish Jimmy (or a Miniature Jimmy) to avoid the brand censors. We get an even better Prehistoric Jimmy in #146 with Royer inks (also true of Normal Jimmy on the covers of #142 and #143).

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