Day 27: The Penetrator Beam!

Have ya wondered how Simyan and Mokkari are able to steal through the super-tight security of The Project to swipe cloning technology and DNA samples? Ponder no more as the caveman-looking Apokoliptian agent whips out the handy Penetrator Beam ray cannon, which Simyan uses to zap the berserker, a not-so Jolly Green Giant rampaging through the Evil Factory, out of their hair and into The Project to kill… (gulp!) The Man of Steel!

(To catch up with our tale: While Superman continues his tour of The Project with Jimmy, The Evil Factory’s keepers are applying a finishing touch to the oversize being they’ve grown from pilfered genes, spraying the caged humanoid with synthesized Kryptonite, which now gives the guy the ability to conquer the Last Son of Krypton (and just happens to turn his epidermis green). Mokkari and Simyan report by television to Darkseid, who berates the pair with a lecture on duality: “…Who can deny the power of the other side? Death can eclipse life! A great lie can smash truth! And the answer to a finely disciplined Superman is what you have created — a chaotic fury of a thing…” But, alas, the monster decimates his confinement cell and attacks the pair, and Simyan realizes he can save his partner with the right Kirby kontraption!)

5 thoughts on “Day 27: The Penetrator Beam!

  1. patrick ford


    It is my feeling The Evil Factory is on Apokolips.

    The question as to the necessity for a Penetrator Beam might be stealth.

    After all a Boom Tube goes “BOOM” and would likely attract attention.

    The Penetrator Beam is more like “minimally invasive surgery.” A small incision in the fabric of space.

    It worked, as we’ve seen The Project was unaware of how security had been breached.

    1. JonBCooke Post author

      I was just reading Jimmy Olsen #145 this weekend and was reminded that The Evil Factory has an earthbound location under the open country of Scotland! You were right, Patrick, that it is some distance away from The Project, just not as far as Apokolips!

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