Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Kirby Challenge

We’ll see how this goes, obviously, but my hope is to log in 500 words or less on each entry… as Bruce Z. has suggested. I’ll be alerting visitors to any updating I’m doing, as well, until yours truly is in the groove. Yesterday I did some format adjustment to The Black Racer entry. Hopefully Goody Rickels gets the treatment today…

Goodbye, Joe. Hello, 2012!

Hey, Kirbyheads!

Jon B. Cooke here. I am hoping to finish what I started and will be working on the 365 Days of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World blog. I’ll do my best to be pragmatic and reasonable — posting concise entries, for instance — and will state openly that I won’t be adding to this every day; just as I can get to it. I do regret the extremely long absence and am happy to be back. Expect some revisions to those pending entries soon.

It goes without saying one of the events that prompted me to come back is the recent passing of my friend Joe Simon, with whom I had the honor to design the second edition of his The Comic Book Makers a little over 10 years ago. Godspeed, Joe! Thanks so much for all you shared with us. My condolences to son Jim and the entire Simon family.