Erik Larsen’s Savage Kirby Dragon

201304 - Calgary: Erik Larsen Exclusive
2013 – Calgary: Erik Larsen Exclusive

Created as an exclusive for Erik Larsen’s appearance with the Kirby Museum at the 2013 Calgary Comics and Entertainment Expo, we’ve got a few signed extras of this 12 inch by 18 inch Savage Dragon/Jack Kirby mash-up poster. $25 plus $5 shipping/handling in the USA, $15 elsewhere

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  1. God bless Jack Kirby. He has given me such endless inspiration in life. He was also a great man. When I was 15 my friend Greg wrote Jack a letter telling him how much he admired him and that his favorite hero was Captain America. Without request, Jack sent him back a sketch of Cap. Greg had a hard life and died very young. Jack was a wonderful man for responding to Greg’ love for his work the way he did, and give him a bright ray of starshine. That’s real inspiration right there. Thanks again Jack, wherever you are.

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