So where is the Jack Kirby Museum?

When we first established the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center in 2005, it was intended, as our mission statement illustrates, “to promote and encourage the study, understanding, preservation and appreciation of the work of Jack Kirby.” Being a true bootstrap enterprise, a “brick and mortar” presence for the museum was not necessarily practical or an immediate concern, despite our desire to see it happen.

1941 - Captain America Comics #1 cover
1941 – Captain America Comics #1 cover

But – whenever we set up at comic book conventions or attend any event, we’re always asked the crucial question: “Where is the museum located? I want to visit!” It’s a question we’ve fielded via snail mail, telephone, email, tweet, and Facebook, and one we’ve decided to tackle head-on.

Recent years should have witnessed an explosion of interest in Jack Kirby and his legacy. Wildly successful films have been released based on Captain America, Thor, X-Men, and The Avengers (with sequels planned through 2021!) which have generated revenue in the billions – this doesn’t even take into account the revenue generated through advertising and licensing. Jack’s creations are more widely known today than they have ever been in their publication history. His original work on these characters continues to be reprinted and spotlighted as the genesis of these multi-million dollar properties, and Jack’s art is reaching thousands of new fans every day

1963 - The X-Men #1 cover
1963 – The X-Men #1 cover

So, why is Jack Kirby still a secret?

As a potential answer to that conundrum, we’ve been scouting locations near where Jack grew up on New York City’s Lower East Side. When Kirby lived there, the Lower East Side was a tough ghetto that he moved his family out of at the first opportunity. Now it’s one of Manhattan’s most interesting neighborhoods; there are shops, restaurants, clubs and galleries.

Our intention is to set up a temporary, or “pop-up,” brick-and-mortar location for the Jack Kirby Museum. The ideal size for this purpose is between 800-1,200-square-feet, and would feature original artwork, artifacts from Jack’s life, prominent guest speakers, educational programs and installation pieces inspired by and celebrating the unique work and life of the King of Comics.

1962 - Journey Into Mystery #82 cover
1962 – Journey Into Mystery #82 cover

A space like this dedicated entirely to the life and work of Jack Kirby would be equally appealing to seasoned art patrons, pop-art connoisseurs, casual fans, tourists, and families. Successful implementation of this pop-up museum will allow us to pursue the ultimate goal of a PERMANENT space for the Museum.

This is where the Kirby fans come in. If you are a Kirby Museum member in good standing, know that your membership dues have helped us get to this point, but our trustees have required that we fund this exciting project independent of your membership fees. So, please, if you’re considering joining up, we’re happy for your support, and the same membership premiums apply. But if you’d like to help us attain this wonderful goal of giving the Jack Kirby Museum a home for a little while in the now-vibrant Lower East Side, please contribute specifically for that purpose using the “Brick and Mortar fund” button on this page (or just mention “brick and mortar” or “popup” fund in any payment).

Galactic Head - 18" by 30"  poster
Galactic Head – 18″ by 30″ poster

We understand that trying to raise significant funds in such a short amount of time is ambitious. Our current estimate is that we’d need more than $30,000 just to pay the rent for ten to twelve weeks. We don’t underestimate Kirby fans. Naming and sponsorship opportunities for exhibits, publications and programs are still being developed; we welcome any discussion going forward.

Everyone who donates $20 or more will have free admission to the pop-up Museum. If you’re already a Museum member, a donation of $20 or more allows you to bring a friend for free. Everyone who donates will get some Kirby Museum postcards and stickers.

Over the last two years, we’ve raised almost 2/3rds of our initial goal to open the doors. Once we have the funds for the rent, we’ll very nearly be in business! An additional public campaign for the incidentals (like transporting and insuring expensive Kirby artifacts!) will follow, and a detailed budget and plan of events and exhibits will be released to the public.

We’re making this project a major focus of the Museum until further notice, as we realize now, in light of recent events, that by far the BEST way to open eyes and minds to Jack Kirby and his legacy is with a physical location. And in the event that the generosity of Kirby fans allows us to exceed our goal? Well, then we’ll just have to keep the gallery open even longer, or maybe even investigate a long-term, permanent lease!

Remember, the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit cultural and educational organization, so please, before making a significant gift, you should consult with your financial, tax, and legal advisors for a thorough analysis of your individual situation and the tax consequences.

If you know anyone willing to help with this project, please point them our way. We’d be honored by your generosity and support. Thank you for your consideration, and we’ll see you downtown!

– Rand Hoppe
(as well as Mike Cecchini and the board; David Schwartz, Tom Kraft and John Morrow)

21 Replies to “So where is the Jack Kirby Museum?”

  1. how’s this coming along?

    I think kickstarter would be the way to go for sure… With the right tone to the video – a video full of kirby’s dynamic colourful art, with a passionate narrative calling fans of the King to action – it could really spread and grow. (could you use art with characters under license though?)

    I think most of us who have been impacted his boundless creativity would fund it…and even more money could be raised if you could produce unique physical tokens to encourage higher level backers. Art cards or some other limited print collectible. a unique tshirt with kirby art. whatever images you could get rights to use.

    1. 100% agreeance with the Kickstarter idea–kudos to Omac. If you really want to get this done ASAP and right, Kickstarter is the way to get the millions of Jack Kirby fans all over the world mobilized to support this terrific museum.

  2. Hey, just wanted to check and see how fundraising was coming along. Do you have a spefiic dollar amount you need to reach? How much more to go? Have you considered partnering with an existing museum for space to get started?

    Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work! 😀

  3. I support! Donated. You should get on kickstarter! People would be happy to help out and there’s a lot of rich comics book fans in this country 😛

  4. It is unbelievably with all the money King Jack had made and still making for Marvel some people with deep ties and pockets to this industry have not stepped up to the plate and given this man the museum he deserves already!! (These people are truly puny humans)

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