Day Eight: The Wild Area Ascetic!

We’ll discuss the Hairie situation more comprehensively in a future post, but it’s worth noting the Man of Steel’s first encounter with an inhabitant — well, I think he’s a Hairie, but could be an Outsider reject — of The Wild Area is with an monk-like meditating dude perched cross-legged atop what appears to be a man-made eagle’s nest. While the bearded cat seems to be peaceful, welcoming Superman to the zone and telling the hero Supes was “free to do your own thing,” he triggers the release of noxious gases when annoyed by the super-hero. “They drive off unwanted company,” the free spirit tells the Last Son of Krypton. “And right now, I don’t want any!”

The presence of high-tech gas-emitting defenses leads me to suspect the ascetic is a Hairie on leave from the Mountain of Judgment, but you guys tell me what you think? Do you feel the spirit, are you in the groove?

3 thoughts on “Day Eight: The Wild Area Ascetic!

  1. patrick ford


    I don’t see the “monk” as a Hairie. The Hairies are products of The Project, and Superman and the Hairies know of one another.

    He strikes me as a Kirby version of [Luis] Buñuel’s Simon of the Desert.

    As previously seen, advanced weapons and other equipment have been allowed to fall into the hands of The Outsiders, and the briefly-seen, unnamed paramilitary group, apparently in an attempt to make The Wild Area a dangerous place to picnic in; an area which doesn’t arouse suspicion of being a top-secret government base.

  2. John S.

    The problem with asceticism is that it’s a lifestyle that makes it awfully difficult to pay the bills!

    You’re not going to be able to make much of a living sitting around all day in the Lotus Position!

    Unless, of course, you can find some religious groupies who’ll pay your bills FOR you!

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