Day Seven: Yango and Flek!

The cover models of JO #133, Yango (the bearded ruffian) and Flek (the more dandy dude) make a notable, if limited, appearance inside the issue, bestowing leadership status to the Daily Planet cub reporter of the biker gang, The Outsiders. Theirs is a ballsy outfit, as Yango, grim behind his sunglasses, even bests the Man of Steel with a Kryptonite ray-shooting gun (with Superman’s EX-Pal’s approval!).

Yango, the most prominent biker in the series, would go on to display “unprecedented regard for his kind” and take over The Outsiders as head honcho (after former boss Jimmy O. abandons the outfit without so much as a fare-thee-well!), this during the onslaught of the Four-Armed Terror on Habitat in JO #137. In that same issue, Yango appears alongside a new Outsider, the heretofore unseen Gandy, who looks the spitting image of Flek. This resemblance begs the question whether Kirby, moving at lightspeed in unleashing new concepts and characters, simply forgot the gang member’s name and was too busy penciling 15 pages a week to check.