Whatever the spelling, with one magic word…

The incantation, exclaimed by The Forever People while they lay hands on Mother Box, that brings forth, in their place, The Infinity Man!

“They may be ready for us! But not for the Infinity Man!

“Mother Box reads you! She rises in readiness for the ‘ritual‘!”

“It is the ritual through which the Infinity Man can come here!

“Mother Box sends out the signal to the farthest reaches of infinity! Mother Box links us with him!

“We’re one with the Infinity Man! As one we say the word of exchange!”

Rise, Mother Box! Send out your signal to the farthest reaches — where even all natural law thins and fades!

“Yet, life exists!”

“Make us one with that life! Let him displace us — let him enter on the power of the word–”

“–Even as we vanish when the word is said–”

Say the word! Say it! — And send it across the vast infinite!”


3 thoughts on “Day 44: TARRU! TAARUU! TAARU!

    1. patrick ford


      It’s worse (really better) than that; you now have 43 days to catch up on.

      The comic book tone of Jon’s posting here doesn’t fool me. It’s in keeping with the spirit of Kirby’s comics.

      There’s more there than meets the eye.

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