Day 15: The Mountain of Judgment!

The Levithan of the Zoomway! The giant vehicle — the exterior made to resemble a giant green monster, the chassis a converted missile carrier, the interior “a buzzing world of mechanical wonders!” — is driven by the Hairies, a clan of young geniuses who are creating an amazing array of devices and creatures for the even-more mysterious underground complex called The Project! Why the fearsome appearance? To ward away unseen enemies and Wild Area innocents alike, so The Hairies can continue their super-scientific efforts to make a better planet without interference, earthly or Apokolipian… and, yep, the hippy geniuses actually live and work in what’s later described a gignormous mobile home!

“Man, you don’t grab it!” a terrified Yango explains to Jimmy, “The Mountain — I-it’s not like a place — I-it’s more like a thing! Like Moby Dick! You go out and meet it — and die!” Two other Outsiders later describe it: “The howling White Whale! The mammoth Moby Dick –” “–that can make you turn chicken — or man!”

2 thoughts on “Day 15: The Mountain of Judgment!

  1. patrick ford


    Just happened to have a picture of the Mountain as it was when the Hairies picked it up at the Army Surplus Store.

    1. JonBCooke Post author

      Just reading last night “Strange Stories of the D.N.A. Project: ‘Hairie’ Secrets Revealed!!!” in JO #142 (LOVE those one- and two-pagers Jack got to do in the 48-page comics!), and there’s a subtle change in the description of The Mountain of Judgment. While still acknowledging it’s a converted missile carrier, the King adds a more peaceful former use: “Industrious children of ‘The Project,’ The Hairies were given this great truck, once used by NASA to move giant moon rockets into position!!” Minor but revealing, I think, taking out the militaristic implication.

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