Day 13: The Big Jump!

Careening down the Zoomway, Jimmy, the Newsboy Legion and the biker gang called “The Outsiders” are heading for the leviathan of the Wild Area, the ominous “Mountain of Judgment.” Watch out, there’s a big gap up ahead! This is where things get lethal, Kirbyheads!

(Awright, maybe this entry is a stretch but the way Kirby builds up to crescendos with all that kinetic drama, these things are bona fide events! “Can’t make it — Aaaaaa!” Gotta love it…)

4 thoughts on “Day 13: The Big Jump!

  1. Tom Scioli

    One of my all-time favorite Kirby panels. Comics had never seen a sequence like this, pure, all-out, demolition derby, video-game action a couple of years before videogames.

  2. patrick ford

    Anyone notice the shift in tone on page 15 of issue #134?

    In panel one, Superman in pursuit comes across the apparent carnage seen on page 9, and says, “I guess it was a vain hope. There’ve been casualties.” Yet in panel two he says, “The Outsider’s vehicles are wrecked, but the riders don’t seem seriously hurt.” This after he has flow over the burning debris at the bottom of the chasm where those riders who couldn’t make the “Big Jump” fell.

    Another instance where it would be interesting to see the original pencils.

  3. John S.

    Great panel. And for an even MORE exciting (and pre-historic, no less!) variation on this scene, check out the incredible double-page spread in 2001: A Space Odyssey #4!

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