Day 10: Green K Paralysis Ray!

Trigger-happy Yango the Outsider zonks Supes not once, but twice, with the Hairie-built Green K Paralysis Ray Gun, in the first two issues of Kirby’s JO run. How fortuitous that it contain green Kryptonite, which is lethal to Superman (until the events of Jan. ’71’s Superman #233, natch)… But if the Man of Steel is familiar with The Project and a friend to the Hairies, why have they prepared a weapon to be used against him (or Supergirl, I presume)? Must be that Yango is just a mean person, eh?

2 thoughts on “Day 10: Green K Paralysis Ray!

  1. patrick ford

    Why a Green-K Ray? Why a Green-K giant Olsen?

    The Evil Factory.

    Maybe it isn’t only The Project which is seeding the area with weapons.

    The Wild Area as a Kirby banana republic. Fomented chaos obscuring the shadow agenda of the real powers?

    After all, Edge has sent the Whiz-Bang Wagon on a mission directed by Darkseid, and Edge and Darkseid are very concerned about Superman.

    I got interested in the militia group angle, and the roots of the modern movement can be traced to Henry Lamont Beach, who founded the Posse Comitatus, in Portland, Oregon, 1969. Could Kirby have seen an article in the Los Angeles Times about the group and have been influenced to create the paramilitary group Jon has dubbed “The Raiders”?

    1. JonBCooke Post author

      Good observation, P.F.! (Actually, Flek sez, in JO #133, pg. 16, “Sweep the forest and you’re bound to run down a raider!” when the Outsiders encounter Supes. Flek also says in the next page: “Give us the word, Chief! We’ll make an example of him — for other raiders to think about!” I’m just puttin’ it together, brother…)

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