Day Nine: The Raiders!

No, no, not the Oakland Raiders; the Wild Area Raiders, whom The Outsiders thought they were attacking when they ambushed Superman. I’ve always assumed these machine-gun toting interlopers were actually a military squad from The Project — note the “Red Fox to Blue Patrol” chatter — but mayhap they were well-armed scavengers in that dangerous environment? And, if scavengers, what were they scavenging or raiding? Habitat? I’m now thinking they were hoping to prey on The Project itself… Tell me what I’m not getting here, will ya?

Be here tomorrow for: The Green K Paralysis Ray!

1 thought on “Day Nine: The Raiders!

  1. patrick ford


    My take: The militia group doesn’t even know what The Project is.

    Just as the Outsiders are snowed by the “Mountain of Judgment,” so are “The Raiders.”

    The Project’s secretive interests are best served by a Wild Area populated by dangerous fringe elements enabled by planted technology (not unlike the way arms merchants supply arms to both sides), posing no threat to The Project, but being a frightening enough presence to create a “YOU DON’T WANT TO GO THERE!” attitude among the private sector. Since The Project is nowhere near as remote as Area 51, it’s an almost perfect way for The Project to sustain a covert security force. Even the “security forces” have no knowledge of their manipulated agenda.

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