Jack Kirby’s 99th birthday!

Here we go! Off to celebrating 100 years of Jack Kirby. What are we planning? Well, quite a bit, but none of it is solid enough to report!

So, instead, we offer this photo that Lisa Kirby recently shared on Facebook, with a little added color shenanigans:

king kirby

All Hail The King of Comics, Jack Kirby!

Our world would have been a much less interesting place without you!

2 Replies to “Jack Kirby’s 99th birthday!”

  1. Hi there , I’m 50 years old and my boys Bertie and Bradley are 12 and 9 years old , and we all love the story telling of Jack Kirby his output was so fantastic that we will never run out of his work to read and hey if we did do who wouldent want to read it all again anyway ? its kinda hard to believe that jack would have been 99 years old probs because his work is timeless , we go to quite a few comic cons here in the UK and when you ask a comicbook artist or creator who influenced them his name will always crop up, thats the legacy of the man, its nice to know that while there are comicbooks and graphic novels printed jack kirby s volume of work and influence will always be there , kind regards, Rob Baldwin

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