Kirby4Heroes’ 2015 campaign has launched!

1098209_218668991616744_2093192460_nJack and Roz Kirby’s granddaughter Jillian Kirby has launched her Kirby4Heroes campaign for 2015.  Kirby4Heroes raises funds for The Hero Initiative, which helps comic book creators who have fallen on hard times.

Learn more about Kirby4Heroes at this LA Times article, this Nerdist article, and Jillian’s own YouTube video:


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  1. Jillian , how great to see you doing this again this year , such a wonderful way to keep your grandfathers name at the forefront of the industry ( not that it has ever been anywhere else ). My 9 year old son went back to his Mums today with his Kamandi comicbooks tucked under his arm 40 years ago at the same age I was reading the exact same Kamandi comicbooks now that is a legacy for you and your family to be proud of, I so hope that you reach your fund raising targets and I have no doubt you will, both myself and my 2 sons Bertie and Bradley wish you every success from the bottom of our hearts.

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