The Kirby Heirs and Marvel/Disney Amicably Resolve Their Dispute


The big news is the title of this entry, and we currently don’t know much more than the released statement,

“Marvel and the family of Jack Kirby have amicably resolved their legal disputes, and are looking forward to advancing their shared goal of honoring Mr. Kirby’s significant role in Marvel’s history.”

and a nice comment from Mark Evanier that he feels Jack and Roz would be “real, real, real happy.”

We at the Kirby Museum were asked for an official comment by the Washington Post, and here is what we sent:

“The trustees of the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center are delighted with the out-of-court settlement arrived at today between the Kirby Family and Marvel/Disney. As an entity dedicated to promoting the study, understanding, preservation and appreciation of the work of Jack Kirby, we view this as a day of vindication for Jack as an artist and writer of extraordinary talent who literally shaped an industry through the force of his imagination. Although Jack cannot be here to witness this historic moment, we know that, somewhere out there in the cosmos, he is smiling a humble smile of satisfaction at this long-awaited outcome.”

3 Replies to “The Kirby Heirs and Marvel/Disney Amicably Resolve Their Dispute”

  1. Awesome news! Congratulations to the Kirby family. It’s been a long, difficult battle. Let’s hope Jack will finally be getting the credit he has always deserved for his innumerable and immortal contributions to Marvel Comics.

  2. This is great news and my congratulations to all the of Jack Kirby’s family for finally getting what has been owed to them, Jack and Roz for decades, my hope is now that Marvel/Disney also give a higher credit profile to Jack in their various forms of outlets eg comics and films with a prominent bi line to make the general public as much aware of the contributions of Jack Kirby as those of us in comics are already aware, this for me would be the greatest thing that could come out of this settlement.

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