Wow! Thanks for the donations this past week!

We are not only humbled, but downright impressed with the amount of support we’ve seen surrounding the Avengers opening. Our plan to open a gallery celebrating the life and work of Jack Kirby in New York City has met with some astounding results. Thanks to good folks reblogging us on tumblr, retweeting us on Twitter, and just generally getting the word out, we’ve generated an additional thirteen hundred dollars in donations in the last week! Now, this may seem like a drop in the bucket compared to the 700 million bucks that Avengers has generated worldwide (so far), but this is a big step. And here’s why: Since we officially kicked off our fundraising campaign in September, we’ve raised almost 30% of our goal. It took us over six months to get to the eight thousand dollar mark, and we’ve added $1300 in just a week. However, we need to have thirty thousand in our coffers just to get the doors open (it is expensive in NYC, after all), and the more funds we raise, the more we can do with the space we’ll have, and the longer we may be able to stay open.

1965 - Avengers 16 cover original art
1965 – Avengers 16 cover original art

And it hasn’t just been the money that’s been coming in, either! We’ve experienced a storm of new followers on tumblr and Twitter, new likes on Facebook, a significant increase of daily hits on the Museum’s homepage, and more mentions of Jack’s name in the mainstream media than we’ve ever seen! What’s more, we’re thrilled to see that other comics-related non-profits like The Hero Initiative are also reporting a groundswell of support. So, please, keep getting the word out for us. Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, all of it. Make sure people know that the characters in this movie they’re enjoying were created by human beings, and aren’t just corporate trademarks. If you can’t donate (hey, times are tough!), just help us get the word out. While Avengers is well on its way to becoming a billion-dollar franchise, it’s also generating all kinds of discussion and interest about creators’ rights in places where there had been none before. That’s a good thing, and we’re honored that so many of you have chosen our cause to donate your hard-earned cash to. Thanks for reading, and thanks again for your help and support!

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