“The Simon & Kirby Superheroes” is announced!

Titan Books has announced that in summer of 2010 it will publish 480 pages of Simon & Kirby superhero comics in a single volume. The massive volume will have a footprint of 11″ by 7-1/2″, which is smaller than “The Best of Simon & Kirby”, but otherwise will continue with the same production values.

Two notable inclusions are:

  1. An almost complete unpublished Stuntman story, “Stuntman Crowns a Jungle Lord.”
  2. Harry Mendryk’s restoration of 1953’s Captain 3-D to their original line art for a first time color publication

Congratulations and best wishes to Joe Simon, The Kirby Estate, Nick Landau, Steve Saffel and Harry Mendryk.

(Read the full release on Harry’s Simon & Kirby blog.)

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