Long-delayed MoCCA “thanks”

Just wanted to add my thanks to Lisa Rigoux-Hoppe, Harry Mendryk and Steve Saffel for their help manning the Museum’s table.

Special additional thanks to Harry for donating two copies of “The Best of Simon & Kirby”, signed by Joe Simon, Harry and Steve, that we raffled off at the end of each day.

Thanks to Greg Theakston for stopping by on Sunday with new additions to the Museum’s “bookstore”. Especially nice were the almost 20 copies of the second volume of Ferran Delgado’s/Glenat’s Spanish Sky Masters book. Greg spent some time manning the table as well.

Thanks to Harry Mendryk, Steve Saffel, Mike Cecchini, Allan Haverholm, Charles David Viera, Ken Wong, Jeffery Lazell, Jeremy Povolny, Jeffrey Lazell, Arlen Schumer, Gabriel Perez, Franklin Stockton, Nicholas Cacciola, and Charles Hatfield, who either newly joined the museum or renewed their membership at the show. This was the first time the Museum was in membership mode; I brought membership premiums (posters, the Street Code mini, and even some of TwoMorrows’ Deities Portfolio) and thanks to Paypal, was able to take credit cards.

Thanks to Lois Dilivio and zipcar for the help with the transportation between Hoboken and the Armory.

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