Meet Kirby Kinetics blogger Norris Burroughs

Norris sent me this biography:

Norris Burroughs was born in New York City. He began attempting to draw comics at age four, when he realized how much he enjoyed putting pictures in sequence in order to tell a story. Burroughs discovered Kirby when reading “Taboo, the Thing from the Murky Swamp” in Strange Tales #75. He then became fascinated with the continuity of Kirby’s fight scenes in Rawhide Kid. Picking up the first issue of the Hulk and subsequently the character’s appearance in Fantastic Four #12 clinched it. He was evermore a Kirby fanatic.

Burroughs is the illustrator of several book covers, including The Phillip K. Dick anthology. Most recently, he has written and drawn Voodoo Macbeth, published by Engine Comics.

He was recently profiled by the Marin Independent Journal .

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