Stickers and Mother Box at MoCCA

The great thing about the MoCCA Festival is seeing comicbook artists at their tables with their comics, mini-comics, postcards and stickers. The publishers’ tables offer wonderful things, but the MoCCA Festival is really about the creators.

When I learned that the Kirby Museum would have a table at the Festival (I registered late and was wait-listed), I knew I needed Jack Kirby stickers. But what kind of stickers? After some consultation with Museum member James Romberger, I picked two images. The first is Kirby’s late 1960s/early 1970s “logo signature” as was used on the Marvelmania posters he produced around that time.

Feeling very much in the MoCCA Festival’s D.I.Y. head, I ordered some 2″ white weatherproof vinyl labels and some 1 1/2″ orange fluorescent labels, and got to inkjet printing on my HP Photosmart 8750. I just had to make some fluorescent stickers, as I love the Third Eye posters from the early 1970s. (Really should have an exhibit of those posters here.)

2009 - round stickers

The second image was, well, since the Festival was in New York City, what better choice than the dramatic “NY” figure from the series of football-styled images that John Morrow included on the back of the recent Kirby Collector? I cut and pasted the KIRBY lettering from the Marvel poster that the Museum offers as a premium, and then printed out in two sizes on clear mailing labels.

2009 - NY Kirby labels
2009 – NY Kirby labels

Right. Now how to make the labels a fund raising tool? The costs entailed attending the Festival add up! Got it. I figured it’d be fun to have a Mother Box (a device having various configurations in Kirby’s “Fourth World” stories) with a piggy-bank-like slot on the top and make a sign with “suggested donations” listed. (I had to include “Kirby is Here!” and “Don’t ask, just donate!” on the sign. ;^) )

Consulting with my crafty wife Lisa, we made the proportions of this Mother Box similar to Vykin’s from the Forever People. I didn’t want it to just be a flat red with a yellow disk on one side like Vykin’s, though. So, I dove into the Museum’s Original Art Digital Archive, and printed out some amazing Kirby art I’d scanned last July at the San Diego convention. Lisa cut, wrapped and taped it around the box.Best moment was when Scott Eder stopped by the table, recognized the art and complimented me on the color accuracy of the printing.

2009 - Mother Box
2009 – Mother Box

As far as I’m concerned the labels were great little fund raisers. Every so often, we at the table would say, “Ping! Ping! Ping!” when someone dropped a bill (or bills!) into the Mother Box’s slot. (Someone from Vermont even dropped a “Where’s George” single).

Next: the Kirby Museum’s MoCCA Festival mini-comic.

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