Sunday New York Times “Editorial Observer” acknowledges Kirby as “Genius”

A wonderful way to start the week of Jack Kirby’s 90th birthday was the publication of Brent Staples’ “Jack Kirby, a Comic Book Genius, Is Finally Remembered” in the Op-Ed section on 26 August. Although the piece was spurred by the appearance of Kirby art on 8 of the 20 Marvel Super Heroes stamps issued by the United States Postal Service, Mr. Staples noted the growing interest in Mr. Kirby.


Rand and scanner were set up at the TwoMorrows booth at the huge San Diego convention again this year. He was pleased to talk with Kirby fans like David Schwartz, Glen Gold, Kasra Ghanbari, and Andrew Cooke, to only mention a few. Once again, Mike Thibodeaux, Mike Burkey, Anthony Snyder and more allowed us to scan Kirby pages for our archive.

After the convention, Lisa Kirby also invited Rand and his wife Lisa to stop by her house north of Los Angeles for a visit. A lovely time was had by all, with Rand scanning many pieces from Lisa’s personal collection.

Tom Morehouse starts off “Kirby’s Real Folks” exhibit

Tom Morehouse, who curated our Kirby’s Civil War exhibit, sparks another show titled Kirby’s Real Folks. Says Tom, “whether it was a world leader or just some kids he met at a convention; Jack’s universe was peopled with real folks.” While Tom has gathered examples from some of the more obscure and rare items in his “kirbykrypt” collection, we hope that everyone will contribute. See the exhibit page for more information.

Kirby Museum table at Lower East Side Art Festival

On 8&9 September the museum will be manning a table spreading the Kirby word in Tompkins Square Park in the Manhattan Island’s East Village/Lower East Side. Jack Kirby spent his early life a few blocks away. He fought in the ghetto’s streets, then worked hard and got out; never wanting to return. The neighborhood has changed a lot since then, but in some ways it’s the same. TwoMorrows is sending some Kirby books for fund raising purposes, we’ll have samples of our membership gift posters for ogling and enticement – as well as a large print of the spread from Kirby’s autobiographical “Street Code”. Special thanks to festival organizers James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook for their help.

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