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Jack Kirby Comics Weblog

Kirby Museum member Bob Heer has been a champion of Jack Kirby on the internet for a long time. For almost ten years, he has been regularly updating internet newgroups like rec.arts.misc.comics and alt.comic.jack-kirby with the latest Jack Kirby publishing news. On an almost daily basis for a few years, he has been going through his Kirby comic collection, posting a scan, a description, and replying to comments on his Jack Kirby Comics Weblog. We’re pleased to announce that Bob has agreed to have the Museum host his blog going forward.

Bob’s also compiled a comprehensive web-based Jack Kirby bookstore. Right now Bob’s store is available through pages on his blog, with 100% of the Amazon Associate commissions going directly to the Kirby Museum. He’ll be helping us integrate the store across the rest of the Museum’s web site, as well.

Simon & Kirby blog

Harry Mendryk has been posting to the Kirby-L, the Jack Kirby discussion group, for a few years. He has a keen eye for artistic styles, and studies and writes on Simon & Kirby history. Harry recently started a Simon & Kirby blog filled with his insightful analysis, excellent artwork restorations, and of course, replies to visitors’ comments. We’re pleased that Harry has agreed to have the Museum host his blog, as well.

E-mail/Web Discussion Groups
Kirby-L: The Jack Kirby Discussion Group (and more!)

Museum trustee Randolph Hoppe has been operating the discussion groups devoted to Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Will Eisner, Harvey Kurtzman and Jean ‘Moebius” Giraud currently on Yahoo Groups for almost ten years now and felt the Museum would be a perfect host or sponsor for these discussions. Additionally, we’ve started a Kirby Museum ‘Café” group, for more general discussions that don’t fall within the confines of the other groups. These groups are open to the general public, please join us!

Ten Years of Kirby Conversation

There has been an e-mail-based Jack Kirby discussion group of one kind or another for 10 years now. Ten-year discussion group member (and Museum member) Gary Picariello wanted to honor that anniversary with a book that compiles memories, discussion excerpts, artwork and more. It seemed such a compelling study of Kirby and internet culture, that the Museum is going to publish this book itself. We don’t have a name for the book yet, but stay tuned.

Thanks for your support!

We’d like to thank Museum member Reed Man for donating a page in his French publication of “The Atomics” #4 to the Museum, which also featured “Abbatoir!” a translation by Museum member Jean Depelley, with new coloring, of the 1954-published Simon/Kirby story “Slaughter-House”.

Anyone who picks up a copy of Jack Kirby’s Galactic Bounty Hunters in July, will see a full page devoted to the Museum. Arranged by Trustee Lisa Kirby & Member Tom Brevoort, this donation coming through Marvel Comics is especially heartwarming.

Thanks to Trustee John Morrow for providing a page in The Jack Kirby Collector, and the revenue sharing of the Silver Star: Graphite Edition.

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