Kirby Museum at New York Comic Con booth 2378

Yep, the Kirby Museum will be at it again, setting up Jack Kirby central at New York Comic Con. We’ll be at booth 2378 in the Small Press area, where we’ll have not only our usual Kirby wonders, but also a few new items premiering, as well!

We’re excited to announce a number of new limited edition Jack Kirby giclees – “The Streets of Heaven”, “Psychedelic Fliers”, “Calpurnia”, “Pioneer Plaque”, and “Football Warriors”. Yes, we still offer the Psychedelic Fliers and Calpurnia as postcards and the Football Warriors as stickers, but, wow, you should see them as prints.

Also some new items containing Kirby-related work that have been donated to us to help raise funds for our Pop Up Museum on the Lower East Side – Dylan Todd‘s King T-shirt, and signed, limited editions of both Tom Morehouse’s incredible “The Power Packed Marvel Art of Jack Kirby” collage, and Arlen Schumer‘s 32 page “Jack Kirby Silver Edition”. A second printing of Arlen’s “The Auteur Theory Of Comics” booklet will be available, too.




All items mentioned above are NYCC exclusives – for now. The only exceptions are Arlen’s “Auteur Theory” for $25 in the US and $30 elsewhere, and Tom Morehouse’s collage for $50/$55. Just click on the Brick & Mortar Fund Donate button on this page, enter the appropriate amount, and tell us what you’d like.

A limited selection of Kirby comics and collections will be for sale, with net proceeds going to our Pop Up.

If you have Jack Kirby Original Art in your collection, please bring it to the show! Museum Trustee and proprietor Tom Kraft will be manning a high-end, large format scanner over at Bechara Maalouf’s Nostalgic Investments booth #410 to add scans to our Original Art Digital Archive.

Of course, we’re always looking for new members, so please considering joining us and supporting our efforts. We’ll have all our membership premiums available at the show, and the lucky thing is, if we run out stock, more is just a ferry boat ride away in Hoboken.

So come by, feed Mother Box with your donations! Join us and help us open our Pop Up!


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