It’s Father’s Day: Neal Kirby writes about his dad, Jack

Neal Kirby wrote a touching Father’s Day tribute to his dad, Jack, on CO2 Comics:

(I tweeted this a few days ago, but since today is Father’s Day, I think it’s fair to repost.)

The Kirby Museum will be at the Calgary Entertainment Expo this weekend!

We’ll be at the show with a scanner, so bring your Kirby original art! We hope to meet with all kinds of Kirby fans, meet Museum members new and old, offer stickers and postcards for donations, and just talk about Jack all weekend. Be sure to stop by!

1951 - Boys' Ranch 4 pages 15-16 original art colored by Kirby

1951 – Boys’ Ranch 4 pages 15-16 original art colored by Kirby

Kirby Museum will be at the Hawthorne NJ High School Comic Convention

Tom Kraft, Museum Trustee and genius, and I will be attending the Hawthorne High School Comic Convention in Hawthorne, New Jersey this Saturday.

We’ll have a table with a small Kirby display, some membership premiums, and a scanner. At noon, I’ll be talking about “The Jack Kirby Legacy” in a classroom down the hall.

The convention is a fund-raiser for the school’s Cartooning and Art Clubs, and admission is $4.

Google Map link

New Kirby prints at MoCCA!

The Kirby Museum will be at NYC’s MoCCA Festival this weekend – table D8. This year, we’re offering a pair of 11×14 prints called “Psychedelic Fliers.” As with the SPQR portfolio, I’m printing HP Vivera ink on 100% Cotton, 50lb Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper. A small first edition will be run and offered in an archival print sleeve as a membership premium. (The $ level has yet to be decided.) They’re beautiful!

2011 - Psychedelic Fliers 11x14 prints

2011 – Psychedelic Fliers 11×14 prints

Yes, we’ll be selling postcards and Kirby books, as well as offering mini-comics, posters, portfolios and prints to our new and renewing members. We’ll have our backpack raffle. Feed the Mother Box and take some Jack Kirby stickers!

Thanks to Lisa Kirby and John Morrow for their help with the “Psychedelic Fliers.”

This Thursday – the voice of Resistance (Gallery) shouts, “Hail To The King!”

Kirby Museum members Jason Atomic and Garry Vanderhorne are curating “Hail To the King!” – a Jack Kirby tribute art show at Resistance Gallery at 265 Poyser St. in London, England.

“Hail To The King!” presents pieces by several internationally renowned artists that express how Jack Kirby’s work has influenced them.

The opening this Thursday, 7 April, starts at 7pm and runs through 11pm.

We’re scanning at Wondercon, bring your Kirby!

Museum trustee and mastermind Tom Kraft will have his scanner at Nostalgic Investment’s booth 1011.

1965 - Fantastic Four 40 cover original art

1965 – Fantastic Four 40 cover original art

(Scan above courtesy Hans Kosenkranius of Tri-State Original Art)

Almost 60 pieces were added to the Kirby Museum’s Original Art Digital Archive a few weeks ago at the Comic Art Fest in Secaucus, New Jersey, let’s make the effort in San Francisco a memorable one, too!

In addition to Hans (above), thanks to Mike Burkey of Romitaman Comic Art
Rich Donnelly of Cool Lines Art
Saul of Kirby Art
Bechara Maalouf of Nostalgic Collectables
Will Gabri-El of Will’s Comic Art Page
Anthony Snyder of Anthony’s Collectibles
and art collector Robert Altamura, for their help in Secaucus!

Congratulations to Harry Mendryk on Five Years of Simon & Kirby blogging!

Hard to believe it’s been that long – Go! Read!

We’ll be scanning at the Comic Art Con in Secaucus, NJ this Sunday!

This Sunday, 13 March, is the Comic Art Con in Secaucus NJ, hosted by Comic Art Showcase. If you plan to attend and have original Kirby art that you wish to contribute to the Museum’s Original Art Digital Archive – which could also be used in Tom Kraft’s What If Kirby website and John Morrow’s The Jack Kirby Collector magazine – please stop by Nostalgic Investments’ booth to have it scanned and archived.

Here’s a piece we scanned at last September’s Comic Art Con, through the courtesy of Cool Lines Art:

1976 - Weird Wonder Tales 19 cover original art

1976 – Weird Wonder Tales 19 cover original art

The Kirby Museum will have a table at the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival

This Saturday, 4 December, from noon until 9pm

Admission is free to the public.

1986 - Jack Kirby photo from the cover of The Comics Journal 105

1986 – Jack Kirby photo from the cover of The Comics Journal 105

Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
275 N 8th St
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Google Map

We’ll have books and postcards for sale as well as offering posters, portfolios and prints as membership premiums.

Also, Jack Kirby stickers and our Mother Box.

Happy 97th birthday, Joe Simon!

It was great to spend a few moments with Joe Simon at the New York Comic Con this past Saturday.

2010 October 10 - Joe Simon & Rand Hoppe, the Birthday Boys

2010 October 10 – Joe Simon & Rand Hoppe, the Birthday Boys

Keep those birthdays coming, Joe!

(Photo by Olga Rosario. Thanks, Olga!)

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