Jack Kirby Documentary Feature

[G2:14709 class=g2image_float_right]We’re happy to announce that we’re starting the fund raising and pre-production phase of our feature-length documentary. We’re especially excited to be working with Jon B. Cooke and Andrew D. Cooke of Montilla Pictures, whose wonderful “Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist” premiered at the TriBeCa Film festival, and has been screened at film festivals and cultural events worldwide.

We hope you will support the production of our documentary by not only becoming a Museum member, but also donating to our Documentary Fund. Before makinig a gift to the Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center (a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational corporation), you should consult with your financial advisor for a thorough analysis of your individual situation, the tax consequences and which way of giving might work best for you.

Additionally, while we have access to some film, video, audio and photos of Kirby, we are always interested in acquiring more. Even if they are not available for reproduction, we would like to have copies for cataloging, study, transcription and so on.

For example, Glenn Flemming generously donated a VHS tape to the Museum and Kirby family friend David Schwartz kindly edited the piece available here.

So, please, if you have or know of anyone who has film, audio, video or photographs of Jack Kirby that they would be willing to donate to the Museum – please let us know!

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