Sign up… to give Jack Kirby credit!

Bryan Munn has started a petition over at

Judge McMahon wrote that her judgement for Disney/Marvel against the Kirby heirs was “not about fairness.”

I added my name to Bryan’s petition because I think fairness is important.

4 thoughts on “Sign up… to give Jack Kirby credit!

  1. J.A. Fludd

    Well, it OUGHT to have been about fairness. And higher principles. I signed the petition yesterday and have shared it on Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Briana Daymon

    Jack “The King” Kirby is my idol. The reason I even decided to be an artist at all. His credit is way pass do.

  3. P J Ebbrell

    Kirby is King and deserves to be remembered as one of the American Greats. It was a travesty that he was not more prominent on The Thor movie.


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