Kirby Museum sites

Hello. This page is simply a signpost pointing you to the other sites sponsored by the Jack Kirby Museum.

Our homepage is where we keep you in touch with all of our activities like Events, Convention Appearances, Presentations.

The Kirby Effect is the Journal of the Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center. The Effect is where all our research activities are published. We’ve re-presented some older pieces of Kirby scholarship, and encourage scholars to consider offering their work for publication here.

Kirby-Vision, run by Jason Garrattley, presents art created by artists inspired by the work of jack Kirby.

Bob Heer keeps us all in-the-know about Kirby-In-print at Kirby Comics.

We also host two sites where the hosts have kindly allowed us keep them archived, even though they are no longer active.

  • Kirby Dynamics contains Rob Steibel’s offerings of Kirbyness.
  • Simon and Kirby by Harry Mendryk features a wealth of information about the Simon and Kirby Studio.
  • 365 Days of the Fourth World by Jon B. Cooke features 115 days of detailed insight regarding Kirby 1970s Fourth World stories.