Dream Machine print


This is a print of Jack Kirby’s Dream Machine at 40.7″ by 17″, which is 70% the size of the original. We struck an edition of 50 of Kirby’s amazing color work with Epson Vivera inks on high-quality paper. While we retail this piece for $150 at shows, we had to hack our PayPal button to accurately reflect the total with shipping ($165 – US, $175 – Int’l.) Shipped rolled in a tube.

The Dream Machine print is not currently available for sale.

13 Replies to “Dream Machine print”

  1. My print just arrived, and it’s absolutely incredible. The image above does it no justice. The colors are vivid, the pencil lines are sharp, and you can even see brush strokes in the white gouache. Amazing.

  2. Hello! Are there plans for any additional prints to be either auctioned off or put up for sale? Eagerly awaiting another opportunity.

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