TJKC # 61

2013-07-30_051741I just flipped through the new issue of TJKC, and it looks terrific. John Morrow has done an amazing job promoting Jack for I guess almost 2 decades now? Amazing run. Lots of great art in this issue. I encourage you all to support John and the folks at TwoMorrows.

I love the cover. Out of all the issues of TJKC, this is probably my favorite. That thing is suitable for framing; I’d hang that on the wall in a second. I like that they left in the blue lines of the original art. I hope future issues of TJKC maybe focus a bit more on photographs of Kirby original art where we can see those types of details.

And to the folks making billions of dollars working for Marvel, or more specifically to the dude directing the next 200 million dollar Marvel movie: can’t you have an actor or actress in a crowd scene reading TJKC # 61? Seriously, in the Avengers 2 movie, or the X-Men 8 movie, why not have a college kid reading an issue of TJKC # 61 with that iconic Kirby image on the cover? Would it really kill you all to just give a tiny tip of the hat, or an eensie-weensie nod to Jack Kirby? Does anyone involved with those movies have even the tiniest semblance of some cajones to simply show an actor in a street scene reading a Kirby comic as a tiny way of acknowledging the man who created all those characters you all are cashing in on?