That’s All Folks…


Hey everybody! Alright, here’s the deal: I got an email from Rand Hoppe from the Kirby Museum last night where I think it’s pretty clear that he wants to move in a new direction.

The Kirby Museum did give me permission to post Kirby artwork in the future, but I had to “promise” to add “no more commentary” — and you all know I can’t do that. That would be like asking Jack Kirby to draw a comic book without writing it.

So here’s what I’m going to do: here are my posts that were queued up for the next two weeks (I would have broken some of them up), I posted them today before this one. Instead of deleting them, I figure I should post these since I took the time to write them.

And to the Museum: please don’t delete my archives, I worked hard to get my postings on Google so that we could promote Jack’s work. If you are going to delete my archives, can you please discuss it with me first and give me at least a month’s notice so I can try and copy all my old postings — I don’t have them on a hard drive. It will take me awhile to cut-and-paste 1400 posts. Mainly I’d hate for all the people who have linked to my weblog to have a bunch of broken links. Thanks.

Thus endeth Kirby Dynamics. Not with a bang but with a whimper; not with an explosion of cosmic crackle, but with a few squiggles ~ ~ ~ Man, and I have 1000s of great images to share, and so much more to say — a bunch of Kirby fans and historians sent me a pile of great images over the last few months, I got some great photos I’ve never seen on the web, I got a huge pile of new scans, and lots of links and lots of breaking news and so much more.

My apologies to all of you who sent in art and links I didn’t have time to post. Maybe the Museum will set up an upload link and you can send your stuff there. But this is 21st century America: consider Kirby Dynamics the Detroit of comic book weblogs. Shut down. Fortunately there are lots of other people who will take over the jobs.

Thanks to the thousands! and I mean thousands! of great people who helped me research Jack over the last several years. Here’s just one example of some of the great scans you’ll find in the Kirby Dynamics archives: four photos of Jack I got directly from the photographer, from one of my first posts in 2010.

JK1-004-1024x812 JK1-003-1024x824 JK1-002-1024x822 JK1-001-1024x824

What an honor and a privilege it has been to write about Jack every day. Maybe I’ll write a book on Jack at some point, until them please read my archives starting with my first post. Consider Kirby Dynamics my unfinished Kirby e-book.

My best wishes to you all.

Long live the King!