“Stan Lee Voodoo Dolls?”


I notice none of my new weblog postings have been showing up on the Kirby Museum’s Facebook page. If anyone involved with the Museum reads this, can you maybe fix that since that’s where I recommend my readers leave comments?

Since my readers are very intelligent, somebody did figure out a way to post a comment on my weblog at the Museum Facebook page in the “Recent Posts by Others.” This from Facebook:

Simon Williams: I’m sorry, but your blog seems to be nothing but slagging of Stan Lee, and not what it should be doing, and that’s celebrating the wonderful works and person of Jack Kirby.

I love people who say they are “sorry” right before they slam you. Classic passive-agressive behavior. I also love how people ignore the 1300 + posts where I celebrate Jack, then fixate on the handful of posts where I goof on Stan Lee. This is a major problem with American culture: an inability to see the forest for the trees.


You can say 99 things people agree with, but if you say 1 thing they don’t like — they flip out and compose angry Facebook comments. They zero in on that one thing that bugs them, obsess over it, and forget the other 99 positive things.

Hey Sherlock, read my archives and count the number of times I “celebrate” Jack and then count the number of times I “slag” Lee. I guarantee the former far outnumbers the latter, and to suggest otherwise is a reflection of either supreme laziness (too lazy to read my archives) or a glaring lack of reading comprehension.

Oh no, now I guess I will be accused of “slagging” my readers for calling one of them Sherlock and suggesting they actually read my archives before yelling at me on Facebook.

You can’t win if you goof on Stan Lee, folks. Lee has totally brainwashed millions of people. Joking that he might make a few more millions selling Cow Patties is a crime against humanity to his insipid “Brigadiers.”

You seem to have taken a personal dislike to Stan.

Do you read my weblog? Why do I have to keep repeating myself? I addressed this several times already: I loved Stan Lee when I was 10-years-old, so I’d like to help him save his legacy by encouraging him to start telling the truth about his working relationship with Jack Kirby. That’s why I pick on him. You ever joke around with someone you love? Or do you live in an empty, PC, humorless world — a soulless vacuum where everyone must walk on egg shells for fear of offending someone. If I didn’t like Stan I’d never discuss him. I don’t waste my time talking about things I “dislike.” That’s why I never talk about people like George W. Bush here. My hope was that my satire would embarrass Stan into telling the truth. I’m still hopeful. I am a genuine optimist.

And to repeat two other themes from this recent thread: (1) Why don’t Stan Lee fans go through the 1400 + posts in my archives and show me where I am wrong about Stan Lee instead of ad hominem attacks directed at me. It is amazing that virtually none of Stan’s fans will actually present us with historical research suggesting my criticisms of Stan Lee are incorrect. (2) This obsession with “Stan as God” — meaning Lee is totally above criticism — is creepy. He is a multi-millionaire public figure. Consider me the Jay Leno of comics weblogs. If I can’t goof on “The Patron Saint of Comics” who the hell CAN I goof on? The writer of a daily Jack Kirby weblog NOT being allowed to pick on Saint Stan would be like a political blogger NOT being able to pick on President Obama. It’s insane logic, or I guess I should say a total lack thereof.

Whatever did or didn’t happen, get over it… and focus on the positive, because from the way you’re advertising this museum, I can imagine it’s just full of anti-Stan propaganda and Stan Lee voodoo dolls.

These are Lee’s typical fans, they are delusional: they imagine somebody like me having “Stan Lee voodoo dolls.”


It’s laughable. For the record: I don’t own any dolls at all. I was watching video of that goofy 2013 comic con and people were paying $200 or $300 sometimes for superhero dolls. I don’t have the money for that, and I’m not really  into action figures. I do like Mexican Tonala folk art pottery. Here are some examples from the net that are similar to some of the figures I own. I find this art simple, sublime, soulful, archetypal, inspiring and fun. Sweetly transcendent. All things I see in Kirby’s art.

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Does this art look evil to you? These are the closest things to “Stan Lee Voodoo Dolls” in my house.

Or is this reader making a joke? If so, why are you allowed to compose satire about me, but I can’t compose satire about Stan “The Man” Lee a multi-millionaire who hasn’t done anything since 1970, other than pretend he created all of Kirby and Ditko’s characters.

It could have been a wonderful resource for Jack information and artwork, and while it is important that the story of Jack’s creative rights are told, it seems to be the primary focus of your blog to personally attack Stan.

Right now for some reason unknown to me there is virtually no Kirby art whatsoever at the Kirby Museum site. But, according to a recent email I received from the Museum, The Kirby Museum is going to be (as the reader called it) “a wonderful resource for Jack information and artwork” at some point. They are working on that. They are planning to post a ton of great art at some point. That’s one of the reasons I’m not allowed to use the Museum pencil scans, the Museum has plans for them. Until that time I have thousands of scans of Kirby art here at Kirby Dynamics and 100s of people check out my archives every day.

To wrap this thread up (unless Facebookers keep whining about the thread), after 10 years of goofing on Lee, I’m pretty much done. Over the last decade here and on the defunct Kirby-l Yahoo forum, I composed what I think was very, very tame rated-G Stan Lee satire because Stan was alive to address my criticisms. I still haven’t given up hope on him because I’m an optimist. But trust me, I don’t see discussing the subject that much more in the future. Not because his fans complain about it, I enjoy reading the complaints; they prove everything I’ve said here over the last few years is correct. I’m not going to be writing about Lee as much in the future because as I said, I’m genuinely bored by the subject, and I am starting to see him as a tragic figure. I don’t want to kick a man while he is down.

As I’ve been hinting, I will be making changes here at Kirby Dynamics soon, so I suggest people stop complaining about my weblog until I tell you what the changes are. It’s like slamming the sequel to a movie before the movie comes out. Be patient, more Kirby art is coming. Er, if I can find any I’m allowed to use here…