Crouching Kirby, Hidden Magneto – Part 2

Here’s another post from Mike Gartland:

From X-Men #1 we have the well-known page with the panel that was not only swiped by Roy Lichtenstein, but the other panel where Lee becomes so verbose it almost obliterates the central character speaking. well when I had possession of the art to X-Men 1. I made a darkened copy of that panel and you can see Jack’s Magneto that had to be erased to fit the word balloon. Letterer Sam Rosen actually wrote an apology in the border beside the panel, because of that I believe it wasn’t Lee’s intention for the panel to be defaced the way it was; Rosen simply couldn’t fit it all in. My opinion of course was that he should’ve repositioned the balloon; oh well anyway…


2013-07-30_060548 2013-07-30_060618 X-Men-Issue-1-Page-15