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Eternals # 2, pages 2 and 3 – Original Art Scan

ViewEternals-2-COMPLETE-BOOK.-Includes-cover-double-pageThanks to a reader for sending in this scan of the original artwork of pages 2 and 3 from Eternals # 2. Fairly low-resolution scan and it looks like the owner of the art cleaned up the image, probably with photoshop. You can see Jack’s signature in the bottom right.


Eternals # 2, page 4

Eternals_2-4Eternals_1976_#002_05For Eternals # 2, I have scans for pages 4, 5, 6 and 17: I’ll post those in the next few days. This is another favorite Kirby image. Very solid inking by John Verpoorten.


Eternals # 2, 2-Page Spread

Eternals_2-2 Eternals_2-3

Eternals_1976_#002_03-04One of my favorite Kirby 2-page spreads. Fantastic Kirby-tech. If I’m not mistaken, I think the 2001 A Space Odyssey Treasury Edition has a photo of Jack working on this image. Can anybody out there scan that for us so we can share it here? I’m sure everybody would appreciate it.

Return of The Gods

Eternals_2-1Eternals_1976_#002_02Eternals # 2 (1976), page 1. You can see a Marvel editor or staffer decided to change the title from “Return of the Gods” to “The Celestials.” Maybe they were uncomfortable with the word “God.” Jack’s title is so much more exciting; Royer would have done a great job lettering that. As you can see in the published version you have that huge area of blank space in the top left. Jack’s composition seems more dynamic than the generic title to me.

Will the Gods Return One Day?

Eternals_1976_#001_13Here’s Jack’s intro to his Eternals series. Click on the image to enlarge it. This is one of the only times I recall seeing the actual cover for the next issue in a book. Maybe Jack had turned in the first two books at the same time, or maybe they delayed publishing the first issue and Jack had already done issue 2 so they had a stat of the cover. I wonder who did that Ikaris figure to the left, and Ajak. Herb Trimpe perhaps?


Eternals # 1


I don’t have pencil scans for Eternals # 1, but I figured we should start at the beginning so here are a few random pages from that issue. I enjoy Verpoorten’s work on Jack’s pencils. This whole book is a masterpiece. It’s embarrassing only being able to show you a few pages. There are so many classics. I guarantee when Marvel has completely erased Jack from the public consciousness they will come out with an Eternals movie. In a world that made even a small dust particle of common sense a blogger writing for the Jack Kirby Museum would be able to show an entire Jack Kirby book in 2013. Maybe that will happen in the future because there is no way posting a story and discussing it would hurt Marvel’s bottom line, but when I see companies like Facebook censoring images clearly America is moving away from any conception of genuine free speech.

1 2

Eternals_1976_#001_03-04 Eternals_1976_#001_11 Eternals_1976_#001_12 Eternals_1976_#001_14 Eternals_1976_#001_15

Kirby Eternals – Unpublished Cover for Issue # 2

I don’t have a lot of free time to spend on Kirby Dynamics any more, and the way the online copyright debate is going I suspect that sites like this displaying copyrighted Marvel and DC material won’t exist in the near future, certainly not in the distant future, but I still want to promote Jack today in 2013 so I’ll try a few new things that might be fun. We just checked out Jack’s 70s Cap run, lets take a look at some of the other work Jack was putting out during that period: Eternals. I have some pencil scans in my files that used to be up on the Kirby Museum site. I don’t see them there any longer so let’s check out all the Eternals pencil scans I have starting with this unused cover for issue 2.


I’ll contact the Kirby Museum and see if they might be willing to let us look at higher-quality scans. Until then, this is the best I have. Still fun to look at. I wonder why this was unused. Could it have been rejected? Seems like a solid cover to me. I cropped the image and enlarged it a bit.


Pretty spectacular. Ikaris looks a lot like Captain Victory in that image.

The World’s Most Expensive Paintings

picasso_1841807cGreat BBC documentary I encourage you to all watch.

The World’s Most Expensive Paintings (BBC Documentary)

I could make 100 comments, there is so much food for thought here in terms of discussing art vs. “fine art” and the “value” of art, but I hope you will watch this for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

The end of the film was interesting in light of current events here in the US. Read this article which barely scratches the surface of what is happening in America.

Detroit Fire Sale?

The narrator in the BBC film talked about “paintings owned by all of us.” That’s changing. As cities like Detroit begin to crumble, you will see more and more of the artworks that used to “belong” to the public sucked up by global billionaires. Once they die off, their children may exchange the art amongst themselves at exorbitant prices, or they will unload it for pennies on the dollar to billionaires overseas if the dollar even has any value in a few years (we’ll probably be using the Amero) but eventually like Kirby’s art, most of the art in our public Museums will be plundred by corporate thieves then scattered to the winds.


Detail of Diego Rivera’s ‘Detroit Industry Murals’ (1932-33)

Post Kirby Cap Letters Columns


Thanks to John S. for writing in and letting us know there were no letters columns in the 2 books following Jack’s departure from Captain America in the 1970s. Maybe the Marvel staffers decided that continuing the smear campaign after they ran Jack out of the company would have been overkill? I guess when an artist leaves Marvel they become old news so there was no reason to run a few letters praising Jack’s lifetime in comics? I guess the goal was to move on and promote the new artists? I don’t have scans of any of the other 70s Cap books, so if anyone sees anything interesting or Kirby-related in those letters columns after Jack left, please share.


One thing I can say I’m totally confused about: Jim Shooter claimed somewhere on the web that he caught wind of the campaign to trash Jack in the 70s letters columns, and Jim said he put a stop to it. But as we have just seen, the negative letters continued to the very end of Jack’s Cap run. So I wonder: in his mind does Jim think he stopped the negative letters campaign, is he simply mistaken, or is he making that anecdote up? If anyone out there knows Jim Shooter or has his contact info, maybe drop him a line and see if he will comment because now that we have published all the letters columns it is clear the smear campaign was never stopped, it actually kicked into overdrive with the so-called “kontroversy” that was fabricated by the phony 70s Marvel staffers.

70s Captain America # 216

captain america 216 00 fc

Another rip off. I liked Sal Buscema’s 70s stuff. It had a simplicity I enjoyed. So as a 12-year-old I liked that simple image on the splash, but it was so frustrating to fork over a quarter of my allowance for a new book featuring a reprint. I enjoy the Kirby artwork in the story, but I wasn’t paying for a reprint. I expected a new story. Reprint books tended to be clearly labeled on the cover. I paid for this book without flipping through it.

I assume deadline problems forced Marvel to put out two filler issues after Jack left, but as a fan, paying for this product, and having to wait a month between books, it was disappointing to open the book and see this, and quite frankly it was a rip-off.

Kind of ironic, the staffers ran Jack off, but there he is, still doing the art in the newest issue of Captain America.

captain america 216 01 captain america 216 02 captain america 216 08 captain america 216 09