Stan Lee Website


Back in the early 2000s on the old Kirby-l Yahoo forum there were a handful of really creepy old geezers, one of whom spent 2 decades slamming Jack on that website, and I always asked those weirdos: “Why don’t you guys go start your own Stan Lee website if you love the guy so much instead of attacking Jack Kirby and his fans on a fan site devoted to studying Jack’s life and work?”

Fast-forward 10-years to 2013. Thanks to a reader for sending in this link — lo and behold, check this out: someone finally did start up a Stan Lee website:

Let’s see what The Fearless Leader is up to.

I guess now he calls himself “Your Generalissimo.” I’m just going to make a few screen caps of the front page.


Looks like Stan or one of his handlers is tweeting a lot. A bunch of nonsense. I thought Stan was going to quit working for Marvel in 1960 and write a novel. Why on earth would he be wasting his time in 2013 tweeting like a 12-year-old? I guess The Fearless Leader/Generalissimo calls his True Believers “Brigadiers” now. Stan sure loves that Master/Follower terminology.

2013-06-25_152335Wow! You can buy a “Mr. Stantastic” t-shirt. I’m sure guys are lining up for those and the ladies will be real impressed with that. I wonder if Jack’s family could sell something like this without the Disney-Marvel lawyers raining down on them like a landslide burying them with legal fees.


It would appear Stan promotes concerts now. I guess if you dress up like Wolverine you can win some lame prize if you go to see Daughtry, whatever that is.


Stan Lee perfume. You can’t make $%@# like this up folks.


Stan trying to get his tentacles into every market imaginable; maybe he can stamp his Stan Lee brand onto a new generation of impressionable kids. Doesn’t this guy have enough money yet? The greed is staggering.


…”nuff said.”

I don’t know if Lee has any more chotchkies he’s trying to sell on this website, but I think I’ve seen enough.

Not even sure if Lee has anything to do with this scam, but based on the patterns we see repeat over and over in his life — it would not at all surprise me if Stan Lee himself is involved in this embarrassing operation.

So, there you have it Stan Lee fans. Finally somebody created a Stan Lee website devoted to your Leader where you can celebrate his life and work. You Stan Lee fans (I mean Brigadiers) should be real proud of the Real Stan Lee website — it is about as prefect a representation of your Fearless Leader’s character (I mean Your Generallisimo’s character) that I could imagine. In fact, if I was making up a Fake Stan Lee webpage as a piece of satire, I could not have come close to coming up with what we see on the Real Stan Lee webpage.

My one complaint? Could they at least sell Stan Lee brand Barf Bags? Now there’s something a Lee Brigadier could actually USE after looking at Stan’s webpage.


And to Stan’s fans, spare me the “Oh boo hoo, you are so mean to sweet ‘ol Stan” emails. This Stan Lee website is an embarrassment. It’s a total joke. Stan Lee cologne? Ridiculous. If Stan has anything to do with this rip-off it just proves once again this guy remains (and has always been) nothing more than a snake oil salesman.

Quit shooting the messenger. I don’t make stuff like this up. This has been Stan Lee’s pattern his entire life. All I’m doing is reporting what all the cowards who dream of working for Marvel one day are afraid to say. Stan Lee is a Con Man.

And let me add one thing: Long Live Stan Lee. I hope the guy lives forever and sells millions of dollars worth of his Mr. Stantastic t-shirts and Stan Lee cologne. I wish the guy no ill-will. But c’mon, we still have some free speech here in America — you can’t expect everyone to bow down before this guy. Paris Hilton is jealous at how shameless this dude is in terms of selling garbage with his name plastered all over it.

It’s just sad and pathetic. Maybe amassing as much wealth as he can get his hands on and becoming as famous as possible helps him forget who he really is. I remain hopeful Stan Lee may one day redeem himself and spend less time selling junk and a few moments telling the truth about the man who made him an international superstar and a multi-millionaire. I remain hopeful Lee will realize “you can’t take it with you” and the one thing that matters in life are your friends and family. I remain hopeful Lee will drop the Shyster routine and tell us the truth. Who really created all those 60s Marvel characters and wrote all those 60s Jack Kirby Marvel stories, Stan?