Thanks to a reader for sending in a link to this website: Kirbyholic.


There are 100s if not 1000s of great Kirby images here. I don’t even have time to go through all of them myself. Kudos to the people who put this Facebook page together. There is a ton of amazing scans at this site that I don’t have in my files.

I encourage the Kirby Museum to consider contacting Kirbyholic and either collect all of those scans for future Kirby historians to study, or ideally make Kirbyholic a part of the Kirby Museum project. At the very least I think it would be a good idea to post a link to a site like this on the Museum site homepage — I think whenever passionate people are sharing Jack’s work and promoting it like this, it’s important to support those people and help them promote their websites.

Great job to Kirbyholic. Here’s just one image out of the 100s at the site that dovetails into yesterday’s K-Dynamics post. Il Capolavoro di Jack Kirby! I think capolavoro means “masterpiece” in Italian.


I encourage you all to check out the artwork at Kirbyholic — you have to log into Facebook to see all the images. If you don’t log in you only see a handful.

I have to admit, I’d love to see a website Kirbyholic take over for Kirby Dynamics. I think it’s time for the next generation of Kirby fans to take over and Kirbyholic is exactly the type of Kirby website I’ve been hoping to see come onto the scene and do this. I’d love to see younger people take the torch and run with it. I actually encourage you to stop reading Kirby Dynamics and read Kirbyholic. Go over there, participate in the dialogue and share your memories and thoughts on The King. Like most weblogs Kirby Dynamics is a dinosaur. Sites like Kirbyholic are the future of comics discourse.

If anyone running the Kirbyholic webpage reads this, email me, I can pass along the Kirby scans I’ve been given over the years by Jack’s fans. I’ve got 10s of thousands of pages. All of the scans were exchanged amongst the first generation of Kirby scan collectors; I consider myself a second generation scan collector since I started studying Jack in around 2000. It will be great if a third and fourth generation keeps the ball rolling.

Over the last 10 years my philosophy has been now is the time to promote Kirby online while his family is still trying to get some kind of fair settlement from Marvel (what is now Disney). They may erase Jack’s name from their comic books and bury his name in the movie credits after the names of the people who clean the port-o-potties, but as long as we have free speech on the internet, by discussing Jack and showing his artwork we can fight Marvel and Stan Lee’s fake propaganda — proving that Jack Kirby was indeed the true catalyst, the true visionary, the true genius, the true architect behind the Marvel empire and really the whole superhero revoltuion that took place in the 1960s through the 1970s.

So again I hope Kirbyholic gets in touch with me so I can share with them the scans so many unselfish Kirby fans have shared with me, and you can in turn share those scans with your readers for many years to come. Now is the time to post this material online folks, because Iet me tell you something — I seriously doubt future generations will be able to exchange and discuss copyrighted material like this so freely on the internet. Assuming the world is going to be some kind of idyllic Utopia where all information is free forever online is naive.

Eventually the internet is going to crack down on sites like this because to put it simply, we don’t own this artwork. Companies like Marvel and DC (and the Megabanks that own those companies) own this material outright. Inevitably they will all be gobbled-up (or googled-up) up by Mega Corporations and once that happens free speech is going to be gone. You’re going to have to pay out the arse to use this type of material in the future, and you’re going to have to jump through a bunch of hoops and toe the company line if you even have a chance to get permission to use copyrighted material like Jack Kirby artwork. “Fair use” is a foggy, mercurial legal concept that eventually will be swept away like dust on the front porch. Once every piece of intellectual property has a digital fingerprint, not getting legal permission to use that material will be considered theft. Hell, the way things are going in America right now, it may be considered treason. Of course I hope I’m wrong, I’d love to see free information exchange forever. I’d also love it if the sky rained money and candy.

So now is the time to put Jack’s material out there while this “wild west” atmosphere still exists online; now is the time to promote Jack and talk about him; now is the time to talk about the real history behind the art, before the day comes where the owners of Jack’s art are the ones who will fashion future false propaganda.

And don’t tell me this is a “conspiracy theory.” One need only read garbage like Stan Lee’s fairy tale “Origins” book or Lee’s infamous “How I Invented Spider-man” article to see the type of “history” the folks who eventually own Jack’s stories and art are going to force down the throats of future generations. If there is even a middle class left in America or the rest of the world to read such propaganda. Chances are if our grandkids and great grandkids survive the oncoming economic collapse, they’ll be lucky if they have a pile of garbage to crawl into where they can use their Obamaphones in order to trade their daily water rations for access to a grainy YouTube clip of the 2054 virtual Stan Lee appearance in the Avengers vs. X-Men XVII film.


Big thumbs up to sites like Kirbyholic for promoting Jack. Sure, there are 10,000,000,000,000s of other things we can discuss online, but one thing is for sure: Jack Kirby is one of the more uplifting and inspirational topics out there, and in these trying times it’s always great to take a moment off from the rat race and seek inspiration from the great minds, the great creators, the great visionaries of the past.

Surf Kirbyholic and experience a tiny glimpse into the power and imagination of Kirby.