Kirby Photo From 2001 Treasury (1976)


Thanks a lot to several readers for sending in scans of the image from the 2001: A Space Odyssey Treasury Edition (1976) of Jack working on Eternals # 2.

Notice most of that big space ship has been inked. Common sense would suggest Jack added those inks himself. Maybe Marvel requested a photo for the 2001 Treasury book; Jack happened to be working on Eternals # 2 at that time; Jack selected the page 2-3 splash to be on his artboard, then Jack inked the ship so that the artwork itself would show up better in a photograph; the photo might have been taken by his wife Roz. Pretty effective decision to ink the spaceship, pencils barely show up in a photo.

This photo is one of my favorites of Jack. Although I’ve heard interviews where Jack seems to view the label “The King” as something he was not particularly thrilled with — because Jack was a down-to-earth, humble, self-effacing man — there’s no question that this is an image of Jack when he was truly The King. After an amazing 40 years in comics, sitting at his drawing board in 1976 working on that masterpiece of comic art, Jack Kirby was a true master at his craft still producing phenomenal, relevant stories and artwork. One can sense from his smile that he is a man proud of his work, and for me I remain blown away to this day by that page of art. It’s wonderful to see Jack working on it — a tiny snapshot into history where the greatest comics artist of all time (and I consider Jack one of THE greatest artists of all time) is still way at the top of his game.

Thanks again to all the readers for sending in scans of the image.