70s Kirby – Captain America # 212

captain america 212 00 fcAnother classic. Was there really anything in comics in the 70s that was “better” than a book like this? Obviously underground comics, and European sci-fi an stuff like that was great, but was either DC or Marvel putting anything out that had this kind of dynamism and energy? I had to buy these books when I was 11-years-old. I might have thought they were unconventional, but the visuals grabbed me. And I guess some would argue today’s stories are more “real” or more “mature” but is there any artist right now doing anything in comics that blows away what Jack was doing in this book? Aren’t we still looking at the greatest comics artist ever still at the top of his game during this period? It’s not just the art, this is a great story. This could easily be the plotline for the next Captain America movie and it would be a smash. Ya’ got the Red Skull, Arnim friggin’ Zola, the hot blonde and the hot brunette, and to top it all off the Monster’s Brain. The guy was producing classics of comics art.

So why the hell were the Marvel Staffers trying to get Jack fired!?

Stupid question. It was for the same reason Marvel continues to marginalize Jack’s creative contributions to the “Marvel Universe”…


The only reason I could see for Marvel not using this story for the Captain America II film is that at this point they probably still want to distance their movies from material Kirby clearly wrote, although I think we’ve shown over the years Jack also clearly wrote all of that 60s material as well. Here’s a few pages:

captain america 212 01 captain america 212 02 captain america 212 11 captain america 212 15 captain america 212 17