70s Kirby – Captain America # 211 – Letters Page

captain america 211 12 lpThe phony “kontroversy” by the staffer continues in the Cap letters columns. At least it will be over soon and Jack will leave for animation…

And how about the multiple “armadillo” references and the “our normally erudite letter answers” comments from the staffer. And what’s with this “Awk!” remark being used so much all of a sudden.

Again, I have to point out the absolutely incredible contrast between Kirby’s masterpieces of comics art in these books and the truly idiotic pseudo Stan Lee gibberish from the cretin editing this letters column. I find it astounding. We just witnessed a vendeatta that lasted well over a year where some interns who call themselves “staffers” ran a merciless smear campaign in Jack’s book designed to get rid of him. And they succeeded!

You know the funny thing? In our backwards culture where corporate America has turned our whole world completely upside down, not only do I bet to this day these staffers are proud of themselves for dethroning the King, but I can guarantee you that there are people reading this right now that will applaud them for doing so. Not because Jack sucked and he needed to retire, but because we live in a society that celebrates this sort of behavior. So here’s to you Marvel staffers, congratulations for getting rid of Jack Kirby. Congratulations on building your little careers as “writers” on the rubble you created in these letters columns. You symbolize the transition from what many consider America’s greatest generation to a generation of back-stabbing, spineless cowards focused solely on one thing and one thing only…

United_States_one_dollar_bill,_obverseHere’s to you, creepy Marvel 70s “staffers”… cheers.

A Champagne Cheers!Since now you guys are getting older too like Jack was in the 70s, I could say I hope what goes around comes around… but I wish you all no ill will. I’m not that type of person.