Nationals’ Bryce Harper with a Cap Shirt

6a00d8341c562353ef017d418a1172970c-500wiGreat to see Jack and Joe’s creation continuing to be such a big part of our culture. I hope the Kirby and Simon families are getting some kind of reasonable royalty on all Captain America merchandise, but as far as I know it’s next to nothing… or nothing.

Zero-DollarsAs I’ve said many times over the years, folks, this is more than me “whining” about how Jack got “screwed.” This is me telling you that all you idiots who consider yourself “pro-big business” and all of you  who demonize everyone who criticizes you as “socialists” — just wait until the day comes and your dollars are worthless and your bank accounts are empty. This isn’t about one forgotten artist, it’s about America and the way we allow our corporations to treat all of us.