Facebook Comment Part 2


And here’s a quick anecdote that relates to how misunderstandings happen amongst comic book collectors or “experts” or whatever. On the old Kirby-l yahoo forum a bunch of people were talking about the original art to the Galactus Trilogy. One collector said he thinks Stan Lee has all of it. The collector based that hypothesis on a story he told us about going to an auction (probably Heritage) and Stan Lee showed up with the original art to a complete Silver Surfer book. The collector told us John Buscema was there with his lawyers and I guess John got his art back (I don’t recall the whole story verbatim. Obviously this is hearsay, I’m giving you a second-hand account of the collector’s first person account).

Anyway, after I read that I said, “If Stan does have the Galactus Trilogy — Jack’s property — what does that say about Stan Lee’s integrity?” Especially considering how wealthy Lee is. Those books would change Jack’s family’s lives if the stolen property was returned to the heirs of the rightful owner.

And man, this one guy on Kirby-l went ballistic. I think he hates my guts to this day over that. He said, and I remember this phrase exactly, he said I was using “weasel words.” How dare I accuse Stan Lee of having the original art to the Galactus Trilogy! That’s slander! Libel!

I tried to explain to the guy, not only did I not say that (the collector said that), all I said was what IF he has it. Apparently just asking hypothetical questions nowadays is offensive to people. It’s slanderous and libelous to ask hypothetical questions based on first person accounts from experts!

And of course the “feud” that developed between me and that individual is a bit deeper than that (and I always find feuds infantile so at some point end them by refusing to participate in them further), but the point is that sometimes I find people in comics (and out in the real world too) can get very angry and offended over nothing, or over miscommunications, so I try and correct those misunderstandings if possible.

When I respect someone like Mark Evanier, who I haven’t spoken to in several years, I at least want to make sure he’s not going to punch me in the face if I see him at a convention. I’m just checking in via Kirby Dynamics.

I suspect this is much ado about nothing, I’m sure he’s busy and that’s great, I wish Mark the best. Buy his book if you haven’t yet.