70s Kirby – Captain America # 211, Page 16, Panel 2

2This was the panel that made me buy this page. My Kirby original art collection definitely had a “Kirby Grrls” theme to it. Just a kick ass image of Sharon Carter after she kicked the Red Skull’s arse. You can see where Jack had “Shield” in quotes, probably an example of the tug of war going on where Jack wanted to avoid having Howard the Duck and Luke Cage and all the other Marvel Universe characters invade his current mythos. Notice the perfection of Royer’s inks. There is zero white-out on virtually any of his pages unless it’s added by a Marvel “staffer” or editor. Royer was a genuine marksman with a brush. I love this image, if I had any wall space, I’d frame it and hang it up right now. It’s a pretty HQ scan, so feel free to print it out yourself. You’ll see it looks pretty spectacular. Just a wonderful little slice of comic book pop art that, if you ask me, could hang alongside any masterpiece of fine art.